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Currently, we do not have a ticket system outside of our email platforms.

Please contact us directly below if you would like to join our beta home program or have other questions!


I'm afraid the Bestie Chat will give me bad information. Will it?

To be blunt, it happens sometimes, but not as often as you think.

It is the nature of current LLM's to sometimes suffer from hallucinations, a term for making up information, or other faulty forms of data return. Also, we are not doctor's or medical professionals, and do not claim to be.

As we say in the Bestie Chat pages:

Your AI interactions here are with an experimental customized agent. Each message can take awhile to populate. It is not meant to replace accredited medical or other advice at this time. Do no put personal, identifying information in this chat.

We do, however, hope that the information provided can give you ideas and other support.

What is the Bestie 2 and how does it work?

The Bestie 2 is a new version of the Bestie Bot, and is a home AI platform. It is designed to help you with your daily tasks, and to provide you with information and support.

It uses a camera system of up to 4 tested cameras that send information back to a private hub in the home. That hub then processes the data and responds to events like falls.

Over time, we will continue to add voice and sound to the platforms at each camera, as well as local generative AI to help with tasks and other support.

What is the beta home program for the Bestie 2?

Our systems are still in development, and we are looking for people to help us test them. We are looking for people who are interested in helping us test our systems, and who are willing to provide feedback on their experiences.

Contact us if you're interested in testing out the equipment

We also must note that we are not a medical company, and have not received FDA approval for our systems. We are not a medical company, and do not claim to be. Our systems are in early beta and while are effective, may not be as effective as a full production system at this time.

How can Bestie Bot help my facility or community?

Bestie Bot can help your facility or community in a number of ways. We can provide a customized AI to support your facility and community. This includes using your existing data in new ways, and providing new tools to help you manage your data.

Our camera systems can also be used to help monitor your facility or community, and to provide support in the event of an emergency.

We can also provide support for your staff, and help you to manage your data in new ways.

Is the Bestie 1 still available?

Unfortunately, they are no longer available for purchase or support. We thank you for your support, and feel free to contact us for any documentation that is deprecated.

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