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My parent with dementia has been wandering and often forgets where they are. Do you have any ideas on how to make this better?
It sounds like your parent may be disoriented and is having difficulty navigating familiar places. It may be beneficial for them to get an assessment from a cognitive therapist, psychologist, or occupational therapist to assess their cognitive level and determine what type of assistance they need. Depending on their level of understanding, a GPS tool may be helpful for them to get around.

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Bestie Bot & PennAITech

Awarded NIH Grant

Bestie Bot is excited to announce our partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Artificial Intelligence and Technology (PennAITech) Collaboratory for Healthy Aging!

Our awarded funding comes through the National Institute of Aging (a part of the National Institute of Health) to research RGBd+ Thermal Computer Vision Platform for Home Monitoring and Telehealth!

Combining this research with our patented Erana Engine™, we're excited to continue advancing as one of the premiere home intelligence companies in the world.

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